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Los Angeles Bench warrant LawyerDo You Have A Bench Warrant or Arrest Warrant In San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles?

Having an outstanding warrant hanging over your head can take its toll on your life. No matter how difficult you think it will be to "turn yourself in", the consequences may be dramatically worse if wait for the police to come and do their job.

A judge issues a bench warrant when a person fails to appear in court on their scheduled date. The bench warrant authorizes peace officers to take that person into custody. If ignored, a bench warrant commonly results in detention, forfeiture of bail, and suspension of your driver’s license. Fortunately, the matter can usually be quickly resolved with an experienced bench warrant attorney.

Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Bench Warrant?

You’re at risk of arrest at any time when you have an outstanding arrest warrant or bench warrant for you in California. Both arrest warrants and bench warrants are orders from a court or judge which peace officers can enforce.

Get an expert. Get criminal defense Attorney Anita Patel to help handle your bench warrant case.

Ms. Patel will help you address some of the most common issues in creating a successful defense of your case. For instance, a warrant may be issued because you -

  • failed to show evidence of community service.
  • did not pay a fine.
  • didn’t show up in court.
  • failed to appear for conviction or sentencing
  • didn’t show up in court on an Open Case before your case ended.

If you think that there is an outstanding warrant calling for your arrest, you should speak with an experienced bench warrant attorney immediately. There is the unfortunate possibility that you might be arrested by police and sent to jail. Contact the Bench Warrant Attorney Anita Patel immediately so she can help you deal with this matter.

Attorney Anita Patel will use her 12 years as a prosecutor to get the best disposition for your bench warrant, such as -

  • Quashing thebench warrant
  • Avoiding custody such as jail or prison
  • Getting expeditious resolution
  • Getting you O. R. release (Own Recognizance) without posting bail

In criminal cases where a defendant fails to appear before the court as scheduled, the prosecution may request that an arrest warrant be issued rather than a bench warrant. A bench warrant can also be ordered when a defendant doesn’t pay fines, comply with terms of bail, probation, community service, educational programs, or when the defendant commits a crime while on pre-trial release. Bench Warrant Attorney Anita Patel has handled hundreds of these cases as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Call the Law Offices of Anita Patel to discuss handling your bench during a free consultation (818) 478-5893. You’ve taken the first step in taking care of this issue. Criminal defense attorney Anita Patel can help resolve your outstanding bench warrant.

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