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If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime in San Fernando Valley, you have options. In many cases, drug convictions and the penalties that go with them can be avoided by participation in drug treatment programs, such as Proposition 36. Criminal defense attorney Anita Patel knows from experience that completion of the drug program and probation often result in no conviction or criminal record.

Ms. Patel spent the first twelve years of her legal career as a prosecutor, and now she uses her knowledge of the legal system to help you fight your felony drug charge. She has the experience and skill needed to defend clients charged with possession, drug trafficking, or other drug crimes. Few drug crimes attorneys have the experience to know how to exclude evidence by effectively arguing Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues. As a former prosecutor, Anita Patelknows how to give you the best representation. Visit her office in San Fernando Valley or call her to speak today about your case at 818-498-5893.

Do I need to hire a drug crimes attorney?

It is important to retain an experienced drug crimes attorney if you want to improve the likelihood of success with your case. There are many kinds of drug offenses and each carries its own punishment, Aperson can be charged with selling drugs, growing drugs, drug possession, drug-trafficking, or manufacturing a controlled substance. Competent counsel will know how to handle each charge and where to attack the prosecution’s case.

The Law Offices of Anita Patel defend people charged with drug-related crimes that can include:

  • Drug distribution
  • Possession of drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Transportation of drugs
  • Importation of drugs
  • Manufacturing or cultivation of drugs; this charge can include the use of meth labs.

The distinctions can be blurry. You don't need to sell drugs to be charged with selling drugs or drug possession. For instance, there are documented cases where police officers have alleged the sale of drugs based solely on the large amount of drugs involved. Remember, there are defenses that a good Drug Crimes Attorney can come establish in your favor.

What are some of the factors that a San Fernando Valley drug offenses attorney will look at?

Arresting someone over a small quantity of marijuanais obviously less serious than someone caught trafficking pounds of methamphetamine. Certainly, prior criminal records are also an importantfactor in prosecuting drug crimes. A person with a prior record may end up with a more severe punishment than someone who for whom the conviction is a first offense. An aggressive drug crimes attorney can help evaluate these factors to your best advantage.

Drug prosecutions also often involve informants, undercover police officers, and expert testimony on the intended use of a particular drug seizure. Each of these elements of the government’s case can be critiqued. Additionally, when a defendant has a drug problem and wants help, there are alternatives to prison such as Drug Diversion, Prop 36, and inpatient rehabilitation.San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel can weigh all these issues for you and devise a strategy that gets you the best outcome.

State and federal drug crimes carry onerous penalties that can result in forfeiture, fines, and jail time. When you have been charged, you need strategic and aggressive defense to avoid these outcomes.

As a former deputy district attorney in Ventura and Madera Counties, Anita Patel knows what the prosecutor may be considering in your drug crimes case.Felony drug charges require a skilled, aggressive defense. You want an attorney who is familiar with every page and paragraph of California drug laws. Schedule a free confidential consultation with San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel to discuss your drug crimes with us by calling us at 818-478-5893.

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