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Youthful mistakes can have a significant impact on one’s future. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you have an arrest record following you around like a shadow. It can show up on background andcriminal records checks. These records often damage your chances with potential employers, prevent you from obtaining financial and student loans, and keep you out of apartments and other rental properties.

The legal process to “clear” your criminal record is called expungement of criminal convictions. There are different kinds of criminal record expungements, which will vary depending on the kind of criminal case that and the issues at hand. Obviously, there are many benefits to getting your record expunged.

What can a criminal record expungement do for me?

Acriminal record expungement can help people with criminal records who are often turned down for jobs or overlooked promotions. You might be denied housing or even financial loans with a criminal record. A criminal record expungement or having your criminal record expunged literally removes it from the "public record."

The criminal record expungement process starts by determining the appropriate type of relief. Most often, the type of expungement depends on whether you were an adult or juvenile when convicted, whether you went to prison or jail or put on probation, and if you were convicted for a felony or a misdemeanor. There are many other issues; speak with Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Anita Patel to get the process started.

Do I need to hire a San Fernando Valley Expungement Attorney?

Prior to being a criminal defense attorney, Attorney Anita Patel was a prosecutor for the Counties of Madera and Ventura where she regularly handled criminal record expungement cases in court. Today, San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel uses this experience to help her clients get their files expunged. With their records sealed and/or destroyed, clients can get on with their lives.

California criminal record expungement law allows someone convicted of a crime to petition the court to 1) re-open the case, 2) set aside the plea, and 3) dismiss the case.In order for someone to qualify for criminal record expungement that person must have completed probation, paid all their fines and restitution, not served a sentence in prison for the offense, and must not currently be charged with a crime. If these requirements are met, a court may grant the petition. Keep in mind that a successful criminal record expungement will not erase the criminal record. However, the finding of guilt will be changed to a dismissal. This allows the petitioner to honestly and legally answer that they have not been convicted of that crime.

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