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Do You Need A Fraud Defense Attorney?

In general, fraud is considered intentional misrepresentation which in turn injures another person, usually in a monetary fashion. While we may think of lying as a good example, it is not fraud until it costs someone something, again, usually money. A home seller can lie about their weight or hair color, but unless they lie about the house involved in a sale, they have not committed fraud. The financial world has enough unscrupulous characters that they have given this particular brand of fraud its own name – white collar crime

As a former deputy district attorney for the counties of Madera and Ventura, Anita Patel garnered a 95% conviction rate. Today, as aSan Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney, Anita Patel has the knowledge and trial experience to give you the best representation in fighting your fraud or embezzlement charges.

Indeed the federal laws on fraud are very detailed and require tremendous resources to both build and attack. Federal prosecutors use statutes for mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering to prosecute more under-handed schemes to deceive investors and Wall Street analysts. Bernie Madoff is perhaps the most infamous recent example, but there are many others taking his place. By changing profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial data, the share price of a corporation can remain artificially inflated based on specious performance indicators.

What Is Fraud The Difference Between Fraud And Embezzlement?

In a nutshell, anyone can commit fraud – only people in a position of trust such as employees or advisors can commit embezzlement. In either case, fraud and embezzlement charges are never brought without significant due diligence on the part of the Government and as such they require only the most skilled representation to fight.

These cases often involve large amounts of money, and therefore the penalty for these felony offenses can be very severe, often destroying careers and families. Again, witness Madoff.

If you are under investigation for or have been formally charged with fraud or embezzlement, you should immediately retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable fraud defense attorney. The Law Offices of Anita Patel concentrate their defense strategies on pre-file intervention and have successfully resolved many cases before charges were ever filed. However, if formal charges have been brought against you, San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel is a powerful advocate dedicated to fighting your fraud or embezzlement charges.

As an experienced fraud defense attorney Anita Patel provides an aggressive and thorough defense to clients who are either under investigation or have been charged with fraud or embezzlement. This includes allegations of employee embezzlement, accounting fraud, stock fraud, mail or wire fraud, bank or mortgage fraud consumer fraud, computer fraud, and money laundering.

The good news is that many businesses and employers are willing to resolve embezzlement or fraud cases without the added time and expense of litigation. Consequently, charges may never be filed. So long as a civil compromise is worked out, the investigation may never proceed past original charges. Fraud defense attorney Anita Patel has an exceptional record fighting for clients.

The Law Offices of Anita Patel are highly respected and have excellent working relationships with prosecutors, investigators, and other professionals. In every fraud case, clients have come to rely on her negotiating skills and extensive trial experience to work toward a dismissal of charges. Call San Fernando Valley Fraud Attorney Anita Patel for a free consultation at (818) 478-5893.

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