Glendale Courthouse

Glendale CourthouseIf you have a criminal matter before the Glendale Court, the Law Offices of Anita Patel can provide the legal advice and aggressive defense to help resolve your matter.  We have represented many clients before the Glendale Courthouse , many of whom who have posted reviews reviews. Many of our clients with shoplifting charges, hit and run, petty theft, driving with a suspended license, and other criminal charges in the Glendale Courthouse have had their cases successfully resolved.  Here at the Law Offices of Anita Patel, we represent you on your criminal case before the Glendale Court.

If you are visiting the Glendale Courthouse on your own, you will want to arrive early to avoid lines.  There is metered parking around the court, and there are some vending machines on the first floor in Department 5.  For a map and more information regarding the Glendale Courthouse, you can refer to the court’s website.

If you have a felony, misdemeanor, the sooner you take action, the better your chances of a favorable outcome, and the quicker you can move on with your life.  Here at the Law Offices of Anita Patel, we can help prepare an aggressive defense.  If we are retained soon enough, we may be able to get your charges dismissed.  We have successfully handled cases in shoplifting, hit and run, petty theft, larceny, outstanding warrants, drug crimes, and other criminal charges.  Call us today for a free consultation at 818-478-5893 to help assist you with your case before the Glendale Courthouse.

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