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Have You Been Charged with Hit And Run in the San Fernando Valley?

There isnt a day that goes by where we dont see drivers exchanging information on the side of the 101 or 405. These are the honest drivers. Sometimes, though drivers dont make it to the side of the road. This leads to something called Hit and Run. Most times it is a fender, but in other cases, someone has been injured.

When a driver is involved in an accident that causes physical injury to someone, the driver must perform certain duties among them:

  • stop immediately;
  • render reasonable assistance to the person injured;
  • give name and address and certain other information to the other driver and a peace officer;
  • upon request by the other driver or peace officer, show a copy of his or her drivers license.

Do You Need To Hire A Hit and Run Attorney?

When an accident damages anothers property, the driver must stop immediately and provide name and address and, if requested, present drivers license and insurance. This is what transpires all the time. It gets more ethically challenging when the driver hits a parked car and no one is around. However, there usually is, and if the owner is not around, the driver must leave his name and address and a description of the accident in a conspicuous place on the vehicle and notify the police.

For the first twelve years of her law career, Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel was a prosecutor for the Counties of Madera and Ventura where she garnered a 95% conviction rate, handling hundreds of hit and run cases. Today, she uses this knowledge and trial experience to successfully defend the rights of clients facing hit and run charges. Call San Fernando Valley Hit and Run Attorney Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893 for a free consultation.

What are the penalties for Hit and Run crimes?

The punishment for leaving the scene of an injury accident, even if you didnt cause the accident, can include large fines and jail or prison time as well as the suspension of your driver's license. In certain cases, the State may also take away your vehicle.

Hit and Run accidents where a death occurs are legally considered felonies. These exist when the driver fails to stop or give assistance to the victim, regardless of whose fault the accident is. Drivers involved in any motor vehicle accidents where injury or damage occurs are required to remain at the scene until police arrive.

However, most Hit and Run cases are less egregious than injury or death accidents. As such, investigating officers are often willing to resolve the case before it gets filed with the court. This is where you need the services of Hit and Run Attorney Anita Patel. Often times the victim is willing to accept a monetary settlement and thenagree not to prosecute. If this happens the investigating officer can simply use his or her professional judgment and not forward the case to the District Attorney for filing. In such an instance, the case never goes to court. Attorney Anita Patel will work for just such a disposition of your Hit and Run case.

If you have been arrested or if you have received a citation or summons in the mail for a Hit and Run, call hit and run attorney Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893.

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