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Charged with a Motion to Revoke Probation? Or Charged with a Parole Violation in the San Fernando Valley?

You're out of jail on parole, or you avoided jail by being placed on probation. Now, however, you find yourself charged with violating probation or parole, and you're facing more time behind bars. The good news is probation violation or parole violation does not automatically mean a jail sentence. With the help of an experienced California parole or probation violation attorney, you can make a case for a lesser punishment.

Failure to comply with any of the terms of your probation or parole will bring you back before the court for a hearing to revoke your probation or parole. Some of these might include failure -

  • To report for mandatory drug testing
  • To pass a drug test
  • To check in with your parole or probation officer?
  • To report for community service or to complete your community service sentence?

Any of the above, and many others, could put you in prison or jail. The Court finds you in contempt which is why you need to consult with a probation or parole violation attorney. There may be extenuating circumstances. You have a right to bring evidence to your parole/probation revocation hearing to prove those extenuating circumstances (such as ill health), or present other evidence on your behalf to defend against charges that are being made against you. Call the Law Offices of Anita Patel to speak with a parole or probation violation attorney at (818) 478-5893.

Do I Need To Hire A Parole /Probation Violation Attorney in the San Fernando Valley?

If youre facing a violation, you may already know the right attorney could be the difference before more jail time or a second chance. If an individual is out of jail on parole, or avoided jail by being placed on probation, he/she can be charged with a probation or parole violation for not complying with the conditions of his/her parole or probation.

Before becoming a parole and probation violation attorney, Anita Patel was a prosecutor in Ventura and Madera Counties for twelve years during which time she routinely handled both probation and parole violations. With this experience,criminaldefense Attorney Anita Patel knows how prosecutors build their parole and probation violation casesand how to attack them. San Fernando Valley Criminal DefenseAttorney Anita Patel knows how to give you the best defense.

Whatever your case, Ms. Patel has probably already seen dozens just like it. She has even handled clients living out of state with probation violations hanging over them. Of course, no matter where you live, unfinished court business in California will catch up to you when you look for a job.

San Fernando Valley Probation and Parole Violation Defense Attorney Anita Patel can represent you throughout the San Fernando Valley. Call us at (818) 478-5893.

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