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Most people don’t realize that their licenses have been suspended or revoked by the DMV until it’s too late. There are many different reasons that can trigger a suspension or revocation, and often this done without the knowledge of the license holder. Once you get pulled over on any other event, you learn the hard way.

Attorney Anita Patel is a former prosecutor who spent twelve years building cases against Driving on A Suspended Driver’s License andnow specializes in defending these same clients. If you have been arrested or cited for a Driving On A Suspended License charge, please call Attorney Anita Patel (818) 478-5893 for a free consultation today.

What can happen if I was driving on a suspended license?

The potential consequences of being caught driving on a suspended drivers license can be alarming, so consult an attorney as quickly as possible. Arrest or citation can result in:

  • your vehicle can be impounded for up to 30 days and possibly sold.
  • will be required to appear in the criminal court unless you hire an attorney to appear on your behalf

A conviction can lead to:

  • probation for years and fines of up to a thousand dollars (not including a penalty assessment)
  • county jail time of up to six months.
  • a "prior" to increase your punishment in the future if you ever get a second or subsequent driving on a suspended license charge.

What can a suspended drivers license attorney do for me?

There are ways to defend and/or reduce a driving on a suspended license charge, as well as minimize the potential consequences of a conviction.Indeed, you should contact an attorney immediately to request an Admin Per Se hearing from the DMV. This must be done within ten days of your arrest in order to avoid the unpleasant outcome of a losing your driving privileges for four months.These matters are difficult, but they can be successfully defended both in court and at the DMV by competent counsel.

Perhaps your defense includes ignorance of the fact that you had a suspended license. In this case, California driving law presumes that you had knowledge of your driver’s license suspension or revocation if:

  1. The DMV mailed you notice via 1st class mail,
  2. A police officer told you about the suspension or revocation when you were arrested for driving under the influence, or
  3. A judge informed you of the suspension / revocation at the time of sentencing on previous offense

As a result, the prosecuting agency can show that if the above steps were met, the judge can reasonably determine that you knew your license was revoked or suspended. Thus, it’s up to you and your California criminal defense attorney to challenge this presumption to establish your innocence. Call Driving On A Suspended License Attorney Anita Patel to start this process.

What Can Be Done With The Driving With A Suspended License Charge?

In actuality, prosecutors are often willing to be convinced by competent counsel to reduce driving on suspended license cases to

  • lesser offenses,
  • non-criminal infractions (such as moving violations), or
  • dismiss them altogether.

Call Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel for a free consultation at (818) 478-5893 to discuss your driving on a suspended license charge.

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