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Great representation and very professional + awesome personality

“My name is Milton and i live in Washington.

few months ago i searched for great representation to deal with a serious case in Van Nuys,California and i was glad that i came across with one of the best of the west which happens to be Miss Anita Patel.

Anita Handle my case so great that i didn't even have to say a word to the judge or the prosecutor none, she handle things so well i just stood back and let her do what she does best.

My input for this matter is that not only did i met a great Lawyer i also met a awesome person who understands and really works for you i recommend Miss Anita Patel to anyone who needs legal representation in the court of Law.

Thanks Anita for everything”

Milton 07/29/10 Washington......

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer In LA COUNTY!

“Anita Patel is one of the best find's I have found when it comes to hiring a lawyer in LA County. She was very professional, has an abundance of resources, extremely fast and very knowledgeable.

Every dime that I spent to hire her was very much worth it and paid back in full as she helped me achieve a much lighter sentencing. Hopefully I will not be getting into trouble anytime soon but I would gladly use her again and will be recommending her to my friends/family.”

Professional, compassionate knowledgeable lawyer

“I used Anita's services in May 2010, i found her to be very attentive, timely in her callbacks and emails,and gave me the best advice possible and helped me in my case every step of the way.Her experience was greatly appreciated by myself and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any criminal case she is very diligent and knowledgeable in this field an trys her hardest and gives her best professionally and personally.”

Dedicated, Caring, and Fantastic Lawyer. Anita saved my Life!!!

“On May 21, 2010 I was arrested at Macys for petty theft. I honestly felt that my life was over until I contacted Anita Patel. Anita really went above and beyond to really fight for me. Since this was my first time ever getting into trouble with the law I had so many questions and she was able to answer them and really explain what my rights and steps were for my case. She advised me to provide letters and write an autobiography about myself to really show my good qualities and my character. I provided her with all these documents which really helped and within a matter of days she already started to work on my case. Anytime I had questions I would email her and she would respond so quickly and it wasn’t just once it was several times. She was also really good about returning phone calls and keeping me updated on the details of my case.

A week before my case I called her around 6:30 p.m. and I could tell she was at home because I heard her doing dishes and something in the kitchen. I know it was late but I was really having a nervous breakdown. Anita kept me calm, told me not to give up hope and to know that she hasn’t given up hope for me. She told me that she is going to fight till the end to get the best outcome out of my case. The fact that it was after hours and that she was so kind to take my call made me feel really good. I felt at ease after speaking to her and knew that she was on my side.

Before my actual court date she advised me what to expect so there were no surprises. On June 18, 2010 my court date she went in spoke with the Prosecutor/Deputy before court and presented my case. She actually got a better deal than what I was expecting and I was really shocked. Anita discussed what they were willing to offer me and explained to me how it will work. The charge went from Petty theft to trespassing, WOW unbelievable. I am so impressed with the outcome of my hearing and so pleased with the deal she was able to get for me. She’s a fantastic lawyer and I really enjoyed working with her. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family members who ever need an attorney. Anita definitely looks out for your best interest and has great communication skills and truly cares. She really saved my life and my future because without her my future would have been in the drain. I really appreciate her dedication, kindness and time she spent with me.”

“Anita Patel is an incredibly hard-working attorney. I worked with her in the District Attorney's Office for two years, as well as in private practice, thereafter. I would highly recommend her to handle any criminal defense matter.”

Greg Caplan, fellow attorney

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