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Los Angeles theft attorneyHave You Been Charged with Shoplifting, Petty Theft or Grand Theft in the San Fernando Valley?

The most common crime today in the San Fernando Valley is petty theft. Walk into any major retailer and you will see how much attention is given to preventing theft, yet it still happens. If you have been arrested on theft charges, it is important to get a case evaluation as soon as possible from an experienced theft attorney who can give you a straightforward opinion of the most likely outcome of your case.

Theft may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the dollar amount of the stolen items. The consequences of any type of theft charges can be very serious, ranging from jail to restitution. Call Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893 for a free consultation.

What is the difference between shoplifting and grand theft?

Good people make mistakes which is why the most common theft charge is shoplifting. Shoplifting is considered a "petty theft," which covers theft of goods worth under $400. Read the Testimonials page to see first-hand one of the clients who had a successful outcome in this type of case after hiring theft attorney Anita Patel. Taking things worth more than $400 will result in a grand theft charge, such as grand theft auto.

Do I Need A San Fernando Valley Theft Attorney?

Choosing the right theft attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. For instance, the type of charges filed against you are based on the context of the theft, the location of the crime, the value of the goods stolen, and other specifics. If there were “aggravating circumstances” to the crime or the value of stolen goods exceeded the statutory amount, the crime may be increased to a felony grand theft. You need a theft attorney to help you minimize these charges and mount the most aggressive defense.

Ms. Patel spent the first twelve years of her legal career as a prosecutor; now she uses this trial to help clients with theft and shoplifting charges defend themselves. San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney Anita Patel has the experience and skills needed to defend clients charged with burglary, theft, and shoplifting.

An important quality to look for in a criminal defense lawyer is honesty — someone who will give you a straightforward evaluation without sugar-coating the truth. Your attorney’s job is to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

What are some of the consequences of a shoplifting theft conviction?

A conviction for any theft offense, even a minor one such as shoplifting or even Insufficient Funds on a bad check, may have adverse consequences beyond fines and jail. It may affect your future employability or permanently affect your professional licensing and your career. Call theft attorney Anita Patel to help avoid these damaging outcomes.

Any type of theft is a crime of dishonesty and "moral turpitude." That means your character is being called into question – your ability to distinguish right from wrong. This is important because conviction of even a minor theft offense may permanently affect your ability to get the job of your choice and may limit your career. It may result in being fired, especially if your job involves money, such as banking. It could negatively affect yourmedical, legal, real estate, or other professional licenses. In many theft cases, criminal defense attorney Anita Patel has avoided charges from even being filed.

Call San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel to discuss your theft or shoplifting case at (818)478-5893.

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