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Have you been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of an unlawful weapon, unlawful sale of firearms or an assault with a deadly weapon?

Though we think of guns when we think of weapons, a shoe, a car or a fist can be considered a weapon – even a deadly one. What may start out as a seemingly minor offense could quickly turn into a weapons violation.

Before she became a criminal defense attorney, Anita Patel worked as a prosecutor where she routinely handled weapons charges. Today, she defends clients on weapons charges using the knowledge and trial experience she learned as a prosecutor. Call criminal defense attorney Anita Patel at (818) 478-5893 for a free consultation on your weapon charges.

If you’re convicted of a felony weapons offense, future employers, lenders, and landlords may use your conviction against you. Additionally, you may spend years in prison and lose your right to protect yourself by owning a firearm for 10 years.

Highly Experienced San Fernando Valley Concealed Weapon Attorney

The right weapons charge attorney can challenge your criminal weapons charges to avoid conviction or negotiate a plea. When your freedom is at stake, experience does matter. San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney Anita Patel has the experience to question search and seizure procedures and challenge the admission of incriminating evidence on your weapon charges. Ms. Patel also has the experience to question the admissibility of any statements given, including confessions on your weapon charges.

The right to own and carry guns is a guaranteed by the US Constitution. However, the California law covering weapons is complex easily be confusing. For instance, if you hit someone with a brick, you can be charged with Assault With a Deadly Weapon even though there was no gun involved.

Even if you made a mistake and used a weapon in a way you know was unlawful you still deserve to be represented by an experienced attorney who has experience with cases just like yours.

Do I Need To Hire A Weapons Charge Attorney?

At the Law Offices of Anita Patel, we want to hear about your weapon charges. There are numerous mitigating circumstances: perhaps the weapon was not loaded or maybe you were using it to defend yourself. The State of California has banned the possession of certain types of dangerous or deadly weapons. Just having one of these items on your person can be a felony offense. Weapons Charges Attorney Anita Patel is skilled criminal defense attorney who knows how to get you the best outcome on your weapons charge.

What are weapons charges like in California?

When it comes to gun control and firearms legislation, California has some of the most rigorous laws, which are outlined below:

  • It’s illegal to sell firearms that have automatic military features, like an AK47.
  • Any person who buys a gun must fill out and submit a California Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) andthen attend safety courses.
  • Anyone who purchases a firearm must go through a licensed dealer.
  • You must submit to a background check and a 10 day waiting period before you can legally purchase a firearm,
  • Leaving a gun within reach of a child below the age of 14 is a felony.

As you may already know, the consequences for violating these laws can be significant. Call San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Anita Patel at (818)478-5893 for a free consultation on your weapons charge.

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